Anonymous asked:

When did you first get Wasabi and how long have you had her?

iguanamouth answered:

yo wasabi was originally a birthday gift from my mother after years of moaning about my miserble lizardless life

ive had her for about five years now ! and although there have been periods where ive had to be seperated from her for a Long While (like when i tried to sneak her into my old college dorms and got caught literally the day i brought her in) weve mostly shared the same space ever since she grew large enough for me to not have to bother with a tank


and then for a while she had to live in this large parrot cage while staying with my mother


and NOW she dwells in my room, on my bookshelf, and gets free range of the house EXCEPT for my roommates room. and i guess the fridge. 


but yeah, five years !! and if im not a shitty lizard mom, she’ll hopefully stick around for another 15 or so